DIY Eyebrow Threading! It’s Easier Than You Think!

DIY Eyebrow Threading

Unless you are blessed with perfect, amazing eyebrows then I can bet that you’ve used tweezing, waxing or eyebrow threading to clean them up!  Well now you can learn to thread your own eyebrows! Why threading you might ask?  Well, threading is an effective, arguably less painful, and completely natural form of hair removal!  And its actually super easy to do yourself!

What You’ll Need:

  • Thread of course! (Pretty much any thread will do)
  • Powder of some sort

Now let’s get started!

First, make sure your skin is clean where you will be threading!  If your skin is oily at all it makes it a lot harder to remove the hair.

Next, put some powder of your brows, this will help the thread to grab the stray hair.

Now on to the threading!

Take about a foot and a half of thread from your spool.  Tie the ends of your thread together and wrap it around your hands.

Begin with your right brow, and wind the thread 3 times with your left hand.

Now press the thread to your skin and and begin making an open motion with your fingers.  This is the motion that pulls the thread and removes the hair.

Once you’ve removed all the strays and have your brows nice and shaped you are done!

Now you can put  little baby oil on them if you want to soothe them!

Enjoy your sexy new brows!

PS:  You could do this same technique for any facial hair!

Check out this video for more detailed instructions:



Written by DIYdash

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